Friday, October 07, 2005

A bit of Good News for blogging

The Delaware Supreme court overturned a lower court, finding that anonymous bloggers who target goverment officials DO NOT have to divulge their identity at request of the government.
Unless the ever more mideval SCOTUS gets in on the act, Delaware's ruling that blogs are the 21st century equivilent of the time honored political pamphlet [you know, the kind Sam Adams used to publish] and clearly protected free speech will stand as the last word in that state and probably be regarded as precedent in other states as well.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Basics of Objectivity

Lindsay has just written a post that is about as clear as you can get about the difference between cultural sensitivity and ideological clutter in journalism. She is always worth reading.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

What global warming?

If you search googlenews for "climate change", you get a clear picture of US media bias:
...only one US pub even mentions all the activity to remedy a problem the US govt steadfastly refuses to pull its head out of its ass and admit exists. The one exception: auto dealers claim US position on gutting climate change policy statements is still dominating the response...oh yeah? not on the planet where UK, EU, Russia and Canada are located! Give Time Mag a rare bit of credit for asking on its cover 2 weeks ago whether global warming was making for worse hurricanes...they ask a question most academics and scientists answered some time ago but being at the back of the parade beats marching the wrong way. Hell, even "business"es
pledge to help redress climate change...I thought my govt always listened when business talked.

Business 'will help' on climate change
Times Online, UK - 39 minutes ago
Business leaders have signalled their willingness to make a "significant" contribution to tackling climate change but warned against extra regulations and ...
Government fires industry climate change warning Guardian Unlimited
Climate change strategy meeting BBC News
Business and government search for climate change answers DeHavilland
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Students and Researchers in Churchill to Study Climate Change
Canada NewsWire (press release), Canada - 2 hours ago
... The students are working to understand the effects that climate change is having on the far north and its delicate, threatened ecology. ...
Melting Planet ZNet
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ITAR-TASS EU launches climate change project in Russia
Gateway 2 Russia, Russia - 14 hours ago
... goal of this project is to help the Russian government implement the Kyoto Protocol under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). ...
US Appears to Win Global Warming Debate American International Automobile Dealers Association
EU to fund Kyoto Protocol implementation in Russia RosBusinessConsulting
European Commission Gives Russia an Additional ˆ2 Million for ... Kommersant
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Media Advisory - Dutch Canadian Conference on Climate Change 2005
Canada NewsWire (press release), Canada - 22 hours ago
... On October 6-7, 2005, the Governments of the Netherlands and Canada will convene a multi-stakeholder conference on "Innovation in Combating Climate Change". ...

BBC News Cities gather for climate change summit
This is Local London, UK - 23 hours ago
REPRESENTATIVES from more than 20 of the world's major cities are meeting in London today to discuss climate change. The World Cities ...
London Mayor Holds Climate Change Meeting Backed by BP, EDF Bloomberg
London hosts climate change talks DeHavilland
Cities offer hope for cleaner world (subscription)
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Climate change boosts visitors to Alaska, Antarctica - 23 hours ago
... visitors, about half of them arriving by cruise ship. Concern over climate change is contributing to the rising number of visitors. ...
Organising to stop the threat of climate change, UK - 23 hours ago
Climate change is leading to devastating hurricanes, melting the polar ice caps and threatening the planet. George Bush and Tony ...
Provinces chided on climate change
Globe and Mail, Canada - Oct 3, 2005
The ways Canada's provinces are addressing climate change are "piecemeal, scattered, and in some cases, "non-existent," a new report from the David Suzuki ...
Provinces inconsistent over climate change National Post
Provinces mixed bag when it comes to tackling climate change: new ... Brandon Sun
Provinces differ on climate change action
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Flying in the face of climate change
innovations report, Germany - Oct 4, 2005
In 75 years’ time, the UK could be plagued by fly populations 250% up on today’s levels if forecasts of climate change prove accurate, ecologists have ...
EU to launch second climate change programme, Belgium - Oct 4, 2005
During a stakeholder conference on 24 October, the Commission will start a new phase of its climate change strategy. The accent ...
Climate change conference EUROPA (press release)
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